· Six year Johnston resident

· Married (12 years) and father of one special girl

· BS in Economics from Iowa State University

· Data Analytic Consultant for Wells Fargo

· Previous work experience in state government and public transit

· Research Coordinator and board member of the International FoxG1 Foundation

· ChildServe volunteer

My wife, Kristin, and I were attracted to Johnston seeking the best schools for our daughter, Bronwyn.  Bronwyn is one of two known individuals in the State of Iowa diagnosed with FoxG1 Syndrome, a genetic disorder of brain development.  A graduate of ISU, I currently work as a Remediation Analytic Consultant for Wells Fargo.  Previously I worked as a Labor Market Research Economist for Workforce Development and as Research Director for the Office of State Public Defender.  In addition to that work and being “Bronwyn’s Dad”, I am a Board Member and Research Coordinator for the International FoxG1 Foundation.

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