I am running for Johnston City Council to ensure our city’s continued smart growth and protect our community’s interests.  We expect effective, responsive public services.  Our businesses need high quality, well maintained infrastructure.  Our children deserve safe, accessible parks.   In all these things we get what we pay for.  Balancing the quality of city services and amenities with our desire to keep our property tax rates low is the core duty of our city council and a problem I’m excited to help solve. 

  • Usability is more than Accessbility: All of Johnston’s parks, playgrounds, and public facilities should be more than just accessible to individuals with disabilities. Wherever possible they should be truly usable as well. Full sized changing tables in all restrooms and roll-on swings, merry-go-rounds, or similar equipment in the playgrounds are just a few examples that can make our public spaces valuable to everyone.
  • Broadband to Every Address: High speed, high quality internet service is now a basic utility, as essential as water and electricity, in our modern economy. As new broadband internet services expand across Johnston and the metro, we should seek to ensure that every address in Johnston is ready to be served. No leaving out some areas because they’re too hard or expensive to access or “not completely built out” or “don’t have enough subscribers”.
  • A Long View on the Nuts and Bolts: The decisions made today by the City Council will have impacts that last for decades. Our rapid growth and the financial flexibility that comes with it can tend to foster an “anything goes” attitude toward development requests. Our Council needs to stay mindful of how their decisions now will set the shape and direction of Johnston in the future.
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